Individual cremations – your pet is carefully placed in the chamber on its own. No mass cremations take place giving you peace of mind that the ashes returned to you are that of your pet.

Collection Service – your pet can be collected from your home or veterinary surgery.

Immediate cremation service – your pet can be prioritised and cremated immediately. With the ashes returned within a few hours. (This service incurs an additional charge)

Same day cremation service – your pet is prioritised ensuring ashes are available for collection within 24 hours. (This service incurs an additional charge)

Attended cremation service – this gives you the added peace of mind and is where you can be present as your pet is carefully placed into the chamber. (This service incurs an additional charge)

Chapel of Rest – should you wish to bring your pet to us yourself we have a chapel of rest where you can spend time saying your final farewells to your beloved pet.

Return of ashes – Your pet’s ashes are returned to your home or veterinary surgery in a container of your choice together with a certificate of cremation.

We can also tailor our services to suit your every need. If there is something specific to your ideal service, then please do not hesitate to ask. We are sure we can accommodate you.

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